Submitting your contest entry by e-mail

Sending your contest log by e-mail is by far the best option: it simplifies the job of the adjudicator, it helps to avoid errors, and you do not need to mark duplicate contacts or highlight your squares worked. If you have your log on computer in any form, please follow these instructions to send it by e-mail, rather than a paper entry by post. However, for those without computers, handwritten entries by post will continue to be acceptable (if clearly written).

There are two stages in submitting your entry by e-mail. Both must be done by the closing date, Tuesday 2nd July 2024.

1. Send your log

Your contest log should be sent by e-mail to this NEW address:

Include your log file as an attachment. Photos are also welcome, but please keep the total attachments in any one email below 10MBytes - please split into several emails if you have multiple photos.
The log file that you send should contain the same information that you would put in one sent on paper by post, except that you do not need to highlight the first contact in each locator square, nor do you need to mark duplicate contacts.

Files written by most popular contest logging software can be accepted including .LOG files from SDV and REG1 .ADI files from MINOS.

Keep it as simple as possible: a plain ASCII text file is just fine, so are spreadsheet files, etc..

144MHz (2m) Excel Log Sheet144MHz (2m) Log Spreadsheet

Excel Format Log Sheet (19kb)

When sending a file, please give it a file name that includes the callsign of your entry, e.g. G8EQX.XLS

You will receive an acknowledgement of your entry, normally within a few of days of submitting it (it may take longer during the first week after the contest). If there is anything about your entry that gives problems (e.g. formatting), you will be contacted by e-mail.

If you haven't received a confirmation within 8 days of sending a log by e-mail, please contact me at

2. Send the covering information

You must also send the covering information required by Rule 6 (see full rules published in June Practical Wireless). The best way of doing this is to use this:

online contest entry system

Using this system not only reminds you to include all the required information, but also performs a number of checks on what you have entered before it is sent, helping to prevent errors. It also enters your information directly into the adjudicator's database, saving time and preventing errors.
If for some reason you cannot use the online form, then send the Rule 6 covering information to the same e-mail address as the logs.

If you have any questions about this procedure, or other problems with sending your entry, please e-mail me at

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