The 41st annual PW 144 MHz QRP Contest will take place on

Sunday 9th June 2024
0900 - 1500 UTC

Full rules will be published in the June 2024 issue of Practical Wireless (on sale early May). All entrants must read the complete published rules. The following summary is provided for convenience.

In brief:

  • The contest is open to all licensed Radio Amateurs.
  • Entrants may operate from a fixed or portable location subject to complying with the spirit and letter of prevailing government coronavirus regulations and guidelines.
  • Use ssb, cw, fm or am in the 144 MHz band. (NO digital voice or datamodes).
  • The output power of the transmitter or transverter final stage shall not exceed 5 watts pep.
  • Date and duration as noted above.
  • Contest QSO exchange: RS(T) report, serial number starting 001, QTH locator.
  • Contacts via repeaters, satellites, or using digital voice modes (including DSTAR, Fusion, DMR and Echolink) and data modes or machine-generated modes such as FT8, JT65, RTTY and PSK31 are not permitted. Neither is use of DXClusters, ON4KST chat (even just logging on), social media or any other method of enabling contacts or contest exchanges.
  • Scoring: one point per contact, with multiplier = number of locator squares (e.g. IO91) worked.
  • The log must include at least one contact with a station in the United Kingdom or Eire.
  • Entries should preferably be sent by e-mail. E-mail entries will be acknowledged.
  • Paper logs sent by post are also accepted; these must be on A4 sheets, with first contact in each new square highlighted. Duplicate QSOs must be clearly marked.
  • Observe the band plan and avoid frequencies in use by non-contest activity, GB2RS, standard calling frequencies, etc.
  • You must provide all required covering information (see Rule 6 in the full rules), preferably using the online entry system or on a Cover Sheet if sent by post.
  • No repeater or satellite contacts.
  • If you are certain that another station that is participating in the PW 144MHz QRP contest is radiating poor quality signals, please call the station, giving your callsign, and tell them about the problem. You cannot expect a station with a poor signal to do something about it if they are unaware!
  • If you receive or send a report of poor quality signals (e.g. wide / splattering), you must record on the cover sheet full details of the complaint including time, callsigns of stations involved, nature of complaint and actions taken during the contest to investigate and resolve.
  • First four hours are co-ordinated with RSGB Backpacker's Contest, second session.
  • Entries must be received either by e-mail or post to the address published in the rules by 4th July 2024.
The above is a brief summary and does not present all the conditions of the contest rules. You must read the full published contest rules before entering.

Contest stationery (log sheets and cover sheets) for paper entries are available for downloading here - just click the button.

For details of sending entries by e-mail click here

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